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Nasze Serwery

ID Gra MOD Monitoring IP Serwera GameTracker HLTV Dołącz Sklep
1 DEATHMATCH dm.ganjaskill.eu
2 ONLY AWP awp.ganjaskill.eu
3 SURF EASY surf.ganjaskill.eu
4 SURF HARD surf2.ganjaskill.eu
6 ONLY MIRAGE mirage.ganjaskill.eu
7 ONLY DD2 dd2.ganjaskill.eu
8 PAINTBALL pb.ganjaskill.eu
9 FFA ffa.ganjaskill.eu
10 DD2 + 4FUN
11 TEAMSPEAK 3 ts3.ganjaskill.eu

Classifieds and Information

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This section is used to place information and announcements by admins and players

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